People who have arrived illegally into the UK, or who failed to leave the country when their visa expired, or who have had a claim for asylum turned down can face detention in an Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), before eventually being deported from the UK.

Our expert team at GB Immigration are registered to provide Immigration advice at the highest level, and are able to provide assistance in the most complex of matters. At GB Immigration we can provide expert legal advice and support for migrants facing the considerable stress and uncertainty posed by the threat of detention and / or deportation from the UK.

We pride ourselves on the personal and flexible nature of the legal services we provide, and we can arrange client meetings at the relevant Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) if required. We can also instruct an experienced Immigration Advocate on your behalf, apply for bail to secure your release from a secure centre, and will submit whatever appeals or applications that may be required to stabilise and improve your situation.

Applying for Immigration Bail

In the event that you are being held by the Home Office on immigration matters, it may be possible to secure your release from detention if you apply for bail and agree to obey certain conditions or release.

You are allowed to apply for Immigration Bail regardless of whether you are held in an Immigration Removal Centre, a detention centre or a prison – as long as you are being detained on immigration grounds.

Dependant on your previous history, the application for bail may be refused. Factors that are considered include, if you have a previous history of breaking the terms of bail in the past, or if your criminal record suggests that you might be likely to re-offend if you were to be released.

Should your bail application are refused a bail application, you will receive a written statement explaining the reason. However, if you have been refused bail in the last 28 days it is unlikely you will receive another bail hearing unless there has been some substantial change to your circumstances.

If your bail application is successful but you were due to be removed from the country in the next 14 days then you may still not be released from the IRC without permission from the Home Office (HO).

Your bail application can be made to either the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber), a Chief Immigration Officer (if your detention started less than 8 days ago), or to the Home Secretary (if your detention started more than 8 days ago). If you have launched an appeal against your detention or deportation to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, then you can also submit your bail application to them as well. Likewise, if you have a tribunal appeal hearing coming up soon, then you can send your bail application to that particular tribunal or hearing centre. If in doubt you can ask staff at the detention centre – they will be able to fax your application to the best destination.

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