It is possible that whilst your claim for asylum is being processed, you may be held in a detention center. The immigration authorities have a duty to grant you bail unless they have a good reason for refusing bail and detaining you.

The main reasons for which you may be detained are:

  1. The authorities are unable to establish your identity (possibly because you do not have any identity documents on you)
  2. The authorities have reason to believe that you will not comply with bail conditions if they release you
  3. You are waiting for removal from the UK

If any of these reasons apply, the authorities could be looking into deportation or removal. In both these situations you will be made to leave the UK.

Applying for immigration bail

You may be eligible for legal aid if you want to make an application for bail. If your bail application is granted, you will be released from the Immigration Removal Center, but you will still have to comply with conditions, such as reporting to a reporting center, providing details of your residence and maybe even electronic monitoring.

At Kalsi Solicitors our experienced immigration lawyers can advise and assist those who are detained in Immigration Removal Centres across the United Kingdom. We have years of experience representing clients across Harmondsworth, Colnbrook and Morton Hall to ensure they are granted bail.

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