Jaspreet Bhurjee

Immigration Case Worker


Place of birth: Birmingham
Job Role: Immigration Case Worker
Start Date with Kalsi Solicitors: Mar 10, 2021
Office based in: Leicester
Languages spoken: English, Punjabi, Hindi & Basic French
Favourite sports team (if any!): Manchester United
Favourite movie: Anything Bollywood!
Best concert / live performance you have ever been to: Diljit Dosanjh Live Tour
Last 3 holiday locations you have been to: Thailand, Dubai & Spain
Dream holiday location you have yet to have travelled to: Maldives
A fun fact about you!: I am learning to Box!
What made you want to practice law: When I was a child I would watch my father study his cases, put evidence together and help his clients. This interested me and so I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the same field. Learning Law at A-Level and studying case facts cemented this idea of becoming a solicitor! When I went to University I discovered negotiation was a strong suit of mine and so I decided to develop this skill. I took up a job at a law firm and it came to my attention how much i could help immigration clients! Whenever an application I completed was granted and clients came to thank me, the appreciation I saw pushed me to develop myself in this field. Here I am now, at Kalsi Solicitors, following this passion. Not to mention watching Suits on Netflix also really set the bar for me!


Academic Education: Masters Degree
University for Master Degree: The University of Law
Subject/Course for Master Degree: Family Law
Grade for Masters Degree: Commendation


Background: I have been working in the field of Immigration Law since 2016. Having completed an accelerated LLB degree at The University of Law in 2 years, I decided to take a gap year and work with a law firm to gain an in-depth working knowledge of Immigration Law. I then returned to University to complete her LPC and Masters in Law. Many clients have expressed their appreciation for my work and warm approach to them. As well as English, I am fluent in Punjabi and Hindi making it easier for clients who are not comfortable speaking English to converse openly with me. Having had quite a few members of my extended family immigrate to the UK, I understand full well the procedure and process involved in first gaining entry clearance and then settling in the UK.
Expertise: Stateless Cases, Settlement, Nationality, 7 year route & Spouse Visa Applications.

  • Jaspreet Bhurjee

    Immigration Case Worker

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