Challenging a Home Office Decision

Following recent significant changes to UK Immigration Laws, it has thrust the issue of Appeals into the forefront of attention of those making immigration-related applications. With the removal of Appeal rights for many types of Applications, it has become even more important that Applications are properly and professionally prepared to maximise the initial chance of success.

GB Immigrations appeals team are experts in representing clients, regardless of their application types. As a leading Solicitors practice, with a national presence, it allows us to deal with the most complex matters and provide legal representation for clients at the First and Upper Tier Tribunal all over the UK.


Should you have your immigration application refused, where it is permitted, the case can be appealed and heard before an independent Tribunal (called the First Tier Tribunal). In the event that is unsuccessful, a further appeal may be submitted on a point of law to the Upper Tier Tribunal. Should that also be unsuccessful, the only option left is Judicial Review proceedings.

Administrative Review

Where indicated on the Refusal Letter, you may be provided the option to request an Administrative Review. Essentially this is the preparation and submission of grounds in writing asking for an Immigration decision to be reviewed and for the initial decision to be overturned. The review is normally carried out by a different Caseworker or Manager from the Office or Department which issued the refusal and the decision will either be upheld or amended. In the case of Entry Clearance refusals which do have a right of Appeal, the Administrative review is followed by an Appeal at the First Tier Tribunal etc.

If you have received a refusal of your application, as a matter of urgency contact our expert team. Given that all Appeals or Administrative Reviews have strict time sensitive deadlines, it is imperative to obtain good advice from the outset to protect your position.

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