Nadia Sokhal

ACILEXX & Immigration Supervising Consultant

Nadia specialises in immigration and asylum and is a Law Society Accredited Level 2 Supervisor, based at our Leeds office.


Nadia works on all aspects of asylum and immigration law, and has a strong experience of application based on Human Rights, Asylum, all type of of Entry Clearance applications, Long Residence, and also the European application.

In addition, she has worked on complex matters including domestic violence, unaccompanied children asylum seeker, as well as fresh applications for asylum along side assisting those in detention with immigration applications.

Nadia is accredited as a Supervising Senior caseworker under the Law Society’s Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme, meaning  that she posses the required level of competency and experience in this area of law as specified by the Law Society.  It also enable her to advise and assist both privately and publicly funded clients.

Born and raised in Algeria, Nadia is a native Arabic and French speaker and has a significant experience in the political and human rights situation in African and Middle East, and enjoy taking cases from people originating there.


Membership and Accreditation:

Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme, Supervising Senior Caseworker

Chartered  Legal Executives Associate








MSC Management Marketing and Communication  – Toulouse Business School

Paralegal Qualification – Chartered Legal Executive


Experience/ Areas:

Asylum & Human Rights

Spouse & unmarried Partners

Children & 7 Year Child Concession

EEA Nationals

Long Residence


Experience / Areas

Human Rights
Unlawful detention

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